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   Stuffed Balloon Gifts   


   A bubble balloon $100 + a present   

Are you looking for a
special gift? 

Our signature 
stuffed bubbles will become a pleasant surprise to your beloved one.

Fill out the form to choose the present inside.


   Surprise  Balloon Gifts   


   A bubble balloon $125 + a present   

Pop to see what's inside!

We bring balloon gifts to a whole new level with our Balloon Bar Magic customised stuffed bubbles. 

Excitement guaranteed!


   Balloons & Toys   

   Starting at $250   

Enormous, fabulous same as true love is!

balloons & toys can become the perfect gift to show your special attitude.

   Hot-Air Balloons   


   Starting at $300    

Our amazing hot-air balloons were created to impress! 

Don't miss an opportunity to add an extraordinary photo op to your event!

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